How To Add Power To A Building

When we get into construction one of the most important parts that we need to keep in mind is how will we supply power to that building?  The answer comes in the form of electrical contractors in Lorton, VA.  An electrical contractor will be responsible to ensure that the right type of power is supplied to the building and that it is safe to use.

Location of the breaker panel

To supply power to a location the main component that will need to go in is the breaker panel.  The breaker panel is simply an empty box that all the wires of the structure are fed into.  Then each wire is connected to a breaker which allows power to flow or not.  If a breaker is tripped, then power won’t be able to flow to the desired outlet.  This is a safety measure to ensure that fires don’t start.

Once you have the breaker panel installed outlets and switch locations need to be added.  These will be attached to studs in your home.  A wire will be run from this location through your home to the breaker box.  Then a main wire will go from the breaker box to power source outside.

Switches and outlets

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Once all of the wires are run the walls will be covered over with sheetrock.  Then the switches and outlets will get a face plate allowing you to start using the power that will be supplied.  Once everything is completed your house will be wired for electricity and the devices you want to use will work.

It is very important that this process go off without any problems.  If there are problems with the wiring or the outlets, devices may become damaged and fires might start.  Make sure that you are using professional contractors to do the work.